Referral Program

Give our referral card to a friend or relative who has never shopped with us and they will get a free computer/laptop diagnosis or $35 credit toward their purchase or computer repair. We will return the favor by giving you a $35 credit toward your next purchase.

How it works

Step 1

Get a referral card from Mr. Wilson.

Step 2

Give your referral card to a friend who hasn't done business with us before and tell them to call us! Make sure you write your name on the card as the referring customer.

Step 3

Your friend can redeem their referral card for a FREE diagnosis or for $35 off any computer repair service or purchase.

Step 4

When your friend redeems their referral card, we'll give you a $35 credit on your account that can be used on any purchase. Use it on computer services, parts and upgrades, or refer all your friends to us and save up enough credit to get yourself a laptop.